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Welcome to the International Society of Microbial Resistance Web Site. This is a new non-profit organization created specifically to place a laser-like focus on the global health challenge of microbial resistance. Our expectation is that you will find this a valuable source of information and education as the site is developed in the coming months.
The mission of The International Society of Microbial Resistance is to create a multidisciplinary forum at the intersection of research, clinical practice, and professional and consumer education that will heighten awareness and bring attention to the global challenge of microbial resistance*.

The scope of vision is a focus on microbial resistance: surveillance, diagnostic and laboratory methods, patterns of antimicrobial drug use, drug use and resistance trends in agriculture, drug-use policies, prevention, assessment of economic impacts, vaccines, and new technology development.

This mission will be accomplished by employing a full spectrum of 21st-century publishing media, and by creating strategic partnerships with others in the development of events and projects that address this multifaceted health threat. ISMR will facilitate scientific and research activities, professional continuing education, and consumer awareness and education campaigns.

* The term "antimicrobial" is used inclusively to refer to any agent (including an antibiotic) used to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites.) This term applies whether the agent is intended for human, veterinary or agricultural applications


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